Fronius Energy Fuels Buses with Solar-produced Green Hydrogen

Highlights :

  • Fronius can fuel up a bus in 15 minutes which can then travel up to 160 km.
  • Solhub project aims to provide green hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.
Fronius Energy Fuels Buses with Solar-produced Green Hydrogen

Austrian solar energy solutions provider, Fronius Solar Energy has announced the commencement of a two-week trial of a hydrogen-powered bus in Wels (Upper Austria).

The green hydrogen used to fuel the bus is claimed to be 100% locally produced from solar energy.

According to the firm, the “Solaris Urbino 12 Hydrogen” trial was launched in the presence of many political and business representatives. During this trial, the hydrogen-powered bus will be used as public transport for two weeks in the city of Wels. It will be fueled daily with approximately 13 kg of hydrogen, at the Fronius site in Thalheim at Wels. Fueling takes around 15 minutes, with the bus traveling at least 160 km irrespective of the usage conditions.

The bus which is the part of this two-week trial is from a Polish producer of public transport vehicles, Solaris Bus. Speaking of the project, General Manager at Solaris Bus, Anna Mejer said, “The best part is that heat and water vapor are the only products of the chemical reaction in the fuel cell, which acts as a miniature power plant. Fueling with hydrogen is quick, convenient, and barely any different to fueling a diesel vehicle.”

“We are excited to be part of this unique project. With the Solhub we are offering a complete turnkey solution that enables local, green hydrogen to be generated and used for the fueling of fuel cell vehicles. This also means we have taken another step towards our vision of 24 hours of sun. The Solhub offers enormous potential for companies and municipalities, both of which play a key role in shaping and implementing the energy supply of tomorrow,” explains Martin Hackl, Global Director of the Business Unit Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH.

Fronius Solhub generates green hydrogen from solar energy directly on site. With the Solhub, Fronius is offering a modular range of solutions for energy sector integration and the storage of renewable energy. In addition to Fronius, project partners include Wels-Linien, Sabtours, State of Upper Austria, and Solaris Bus.

With the green hydrogen fuel technology, the bus can achieve a daily range of at least 350 km with one tankful of fuel.

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