EKA Mobility Unveils India’s First 1.5-tonne Electric LCV Range

EKA Mobility Unveils India’s First 1.5-tonne Electric LCV Range

Electric Mobility Player EKA  Mobility said it launched its 1.5-tonne electric Light Commercial Vehicles (LCVs) today. The firm has partnered with Mitsui Co., Ltd. (Japan) & VDL Groep (Netherlands) as equity partners for the project. The unveiling took at the Bharat Mobility Global Expo.

EKA Mobility’s 1.5-tonne electric LCVs are designed to meet the evolving needs of the modern logistics and transportation industry. “With a focus on environment-conscious mobility, these electric LCVs promise exceptional performance, reduced operational costs, and a lower environmental footprint. The company also showcased its 9-meter electric bus, EKA 9 Staff Bus, India’s most advanced electric bus, designed and manufactured completely in India, at the expo,” the firm said in a statement.

At the launch, Sudhir Mehta, Founder & Chairman of EKA Mobility, highlighted, “Our electric LCVs represent a significant step forward in the evolution of commercial transportation globally. We are confident that these vehicles will not only meet the demands of the industry but will also set new standards for sustainability and performance. Our vision is to become a global volume leader in Commercial Electric Vehicles. We have the strongest IP creation in the Indian EV industry, best-in-class Total Cost of Operation (TCO) offering, and completely indigenous and industry-leading software. We are proud to be the only EV company with two leading global conglomerates as our partners, and we look forward to changing the commercial mobility landscape with sustainable and profitable solutions.”

EKA’s electric LCVs are designed for a wide range of applications. The vehicles can be customized for various purposes, making them ideal for last-mile delivery, e-commerce logistics, temperature-sensitive shipments, and more. “EKA K1.5 range is built on 300 volts electrical system architecture offering the industry’s highest ever peak power of 60kW, with best-in-class vehicle performance. The vehicle and battery have a best-in-class warranty for worry-free usage. The company is currently offering EKA K1.5 in the following applications,  with load body customizations suiting customer requirements,” the firm said.

One of EKA Mobility’s standout features is its emphasis on indigenous software development. “Unlike many competitors that rely on third-party solutions or central databases hosted elsewhere, EKA has invested significantly in creating its software ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of the vehicles and customers. This allows for greater customization and optimization and ensures a higher level of security and reliability. The proprietary software powers the vehicles and enables seamless connectivity, providing users with advanced features and a futuristic driving experience,” it said.

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