eBikeGo, Log9 Materials In Partnership For 10-min Superfast Charging Technology for Velocipedo

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  • The latest partnership in the EV space drives home just how different the EV space can be from ICE, with partnerships driving growth.
eBikeGo, Log9 Materials In Partnership For 10-min Superfast Charging Technology for Velocipedo

eBikeGo an electric two-wheeler mobility platform, has recently partnered with Bengaluru-headquartered advanced battery technology start-up Log9 Materials to launch their 10-minute Superfast Charging Technology (InstaCharge technology) for their upcoming electric trike, Velocipedo. Both the companies have entered into a long-term partnership by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

With this partnership, eBikeGo aims to disrupt not only the Indian but also the international EV market. On the other hand, Log9 Materials will be bringing their expertise to the table by adapting their InstaCharge Tech that enables Velocipedo to be charged within just 10 minutes, making it a new benchmark in the EV industry.

Velocipedo is an award-winning, European designed, smart electric trike, equipped with two front wheels and one rear wheel, a carbon fibre roof and 2 seats for its two occupants. The concept of a three-wheeled, electric, networked vehicle is expected to target urban travel, designed in such a way that it combines the comfort and safety of a car with the quickness of a motorbike.

Irfan Khan With Kartik Hajela

Irfan Khan With Kartik Hajela

Under this partnership, Log9’s superfast InstaCharge technology will empower Velocipedo to be well-equipped and hence widely adopted for multiple use cases such as ride hailing, personal mobility and as a cargo vehicle for businesses. The production will begin by the start of 2023.

The basic model can accommodate two people, has a top speed of 95 Kmph and a range per charge of 100 kilometres. With the superfast technology developed by Log9 Materials, the Velocipedo will take only 10 minutes (on 220V outlet) to get fully charged, and regenerative braking feature could add 10-20% to the range. The 155 kg Velocipedo-Cargo, which is intended for commercial use, has room only for the driver; along with enough space to accommodate upto 100 kg of cargo.

Log9 Materials is leveraging its core competency in material science to provide improved energy storage solutions ranging from electrode materials to pack level. Their Rapid Charging Battery Packs address adoption issues for the 2W and 3W electric vehicle platforms, while their Aluminum Fuel Cell technology under development is aimed at electrifying long-distance, heavier vehicles.

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