Automovill to Install EV Charging Stations in Association with Midgard Electric

Highlights :

  • Midgard Electric will create EV charging infrastructure at existing facilities of Automovill to begin with.
  • The entire project will be implemented in two phases.
Automovill to Install EV Charging Stations in Association with Midgard Electric

Bengaluru based auto repair startup Automovill has partnered with EV charging startup Midgard Electric to allow the former to use its existing network of service centres as EV charging stations. This will benefit the rising numbers of electric vehicles owners. Midgard Electric will provide the charging infrastructure in this partnership. This is expected to benefit about 500 plus outlets of Automovill.

fimer ev charging stationThe entire plan will be implemented in two phases. In Phase 1, the companies will roll out the new charging stations across the Automovill network in India. Then in Phase 2, EV charging facilities will also be planted in gated communities, parking stations, malls, and similar locations. Automovill will first try to utilise its existing facilities to create about 500 EV charging stations.

The company currently has service centres in cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Jaipur, Ranchi, Patna, Lucknow, and Guwahati.

Automovill, Co-founder & CBO, Ramana Sambu said, “We understand that e Mobility is the future and given the fact that we aim at meeting all the rising demands in the auto service industry it is the need of the hour to gradually become EV supportive. The association with Midgard is one of those very crucial steps and in sync with our vision. Simultaneously, we will be able to play a bigger role in adding to the establishment of wider charging infrastructure in the country.”

Automovill informs that it has enabled most of its charging stations with Level 1 and Level 2 charging, meeting Bharat AC 001 and DC 001 requirements. The company is already digitising the entire process in an effort to make the entire experience more accessible and intuitive. The Automovill Smartphone App will help EV users to locate a charging station depending on the type of connector they have.

Sabari V, CEO and Director of Midgard Electric, says that his company is delighted to be associated with Automovill. “We believe that the automotive industry is getting a phase shift towards electric mobility and the ecosystem needs to be strengthened with adequate charging infrastructure for the entire value chain. We will be seeing an exponential increase in the electric vehicle demand in the coming years and are creating EV charging infrastructure at a larger scale in the country to accommodate the electric vehicles through our strategic association,” he said.

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