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Solar Power to Get Cheaper than Electricity Grid for Residential Sector in Next Two Years

solar energy in India has already reached ‘grid parity’ in commercial, industrial and utility sectors, and soon solar power would be achieved in residential sector as well. In the next two years, solar power will be cheaper than the electricity grid in the residential sector, says solar energy provider SunSource Energy which has successfully implemented […]

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Interview with Kushagra Nandan, President, COO & Co-Founder, SunSource Energy

SunSource Energy develops, engineers, procures, constructs, and operates solar power plants and projects, to help Clients in institutional, industrial, commercial and non-profit sectors use solar energy more intelligently and efficiently. Kushagra Nandan, President, COO  & Co-Founder, SunSource Energy in an exclusive tête-à-tête with Santanu Mukherjee, Sr. Journalist, Saur Energy International shares about the challenges in […]

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