Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy to Begin Work on 522 MW New Mexico Wind Plant

Xcel Energy plans to begin construction of the 522 MW Sagamore wind farm in New Mexico by the end of the year, and into commercial operation by late 2020. Xcel Energy, a utility holding company based in Minneapolis, has announced that it plans to begin construction of the 522 MW Sagamore wind farm in New […]

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Xcel Energy Plans to Retire 2 Coal Plants Under Clean Energy Transition

Minneapolis-based energy utility, Xcel Energy has announced that it plans to retire its last two coal plants in the Upper Midwest a decade earlier than scheduled. The acceleration of the coal closures is another milestone in the company’s clean energy transition that includes expanding wind and solar, using cleaner natural gas and operating its carbon-free […]

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Xcel Signs Deal for 250 MW Solar Plant at EVRAZ, Pueblo

The Xcel Energy power plant under the long-term electricity contract will feed Rocky Mountain Steel directly and will be under the state’s net metering enactment. Aspiring to make good use of new energy, steel making and mining giant EVRAZ has signed a deal with the energy and natural gas provider, Xcel Energy for a 250 MW behind-the-meter […]

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Nautilus Solar Energy Inaugurates 13.3 MW Community Solar Projects in Minnesota

As part of Xcel Energy’s solar rewards community program, these solar projects are 100 percent subscribed by a diverse set of regional customers including 5 municipalities, 2 leading research/ medical facilities and a local university. New Jersey-based Nautilus Solar Energy has inaugurated the portfolio of 13.3 MW of community solar projects in Minnesota. As part of […]

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Nextera Energy Resources Advances Community Solar in Minnesota

For NextEra Energy Resources, these projects represent an initial portion of the solar gardens that they plan to bring online this year. NextEra Energy Resources has announced that during the previous four months, five new community solar gardens have been brought online in southeastern Minnesota. The solar-gardens are located as far north as Benton County […]

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Younicos, Xcel Energy and Panasonic Partners to Develop Solar-Plus-Storage System

Younicos partners with Panasonic Corp. to design and build a solar-plus-storage system at Peña Station NEXT in Denver, Colorado, which includes the operations hub for Panasonic Enterprise Solutions Company and Panasonic CityNOW. The solar-plus-storage system will make use of multiple Younicos Y.Cubes, the innovative “storage-in-a-box” solution for C&I applications from the German-American industry pioneer. Younicos […]

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Dairyland, Xcel Energy agrees to purchase electricity from multiple new solar facilities in Wisconsin

Last week on Wednesday two Wisconsin services announced projects that will roughly double the state’s solar energy generation capacity. Dairyland Power Cooperative has entered into agreement to purchase electricity from 12 new solar arrays with a combined capacity of almost 19 megawatts, while Xcel Energy will be purchasing up to 3 megawatts of electricity from […]

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Hooper Solar PV power Plant in Colorado

The Xcel Energy and the SunPower Corp. announced the commercial operational of the 50MW Hooper Solar PV power plant in Colorado’s San Luis Valley. The Xcel Energy is acquiring the force produced by the plant at cost-aggressive rates under a power buy concurrence with SunPower Corp. The utility gauges that the plant is creating enough […]

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