Electric Three-Wheelers Better Suited For Freight Delivery: WRI Report 

A latest working paper by the World Resources Institute (WRI)-India claimed that electric three-wheelers are better suited for freight deliveries than conventional three-wheelers. In their paper, the researchers from the cleantech think-tank discussed the viability of using autorickshaws for urban freight delivery in India.  The report claimed that as the daily commercial deliveries in India are expected […]

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WRI Develops Tool For Financial Evaluation of Public Charging Stations For Electric Vehicles 

The World Resources Institute (WRI)-India, one of India’s leading clean energy think tanks, has now developed a unique tool to undertake the financial evaluation of public charging stations (PCS) meant for electric vehicles. The organization has named it ‘Financial Analysis of Charging Station (FACt).’ The international think-tank claimed there need to be more evaluation tools in India. […]

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Delhi Leans On Aggregators, Logistics Firms For Quick EV Gains

The AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) run Delhi state government has now notified a draft “aggregator’s policy”, under which ride aggregators and delivery services will have to mandatorily adopt EVs while procuring new fleet. Just two weeks back, the state transport minister had stuck to a gentle urging to aggregators, hence the move to mandatory shift […]

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RERC Invites CSR Funding to Energise Schools in Rajasthan With Solar

In a follow up to its draft order issued on February 10, regarding provision of solar plants at schools that are off grid or have very poor grid connectivity, the Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory Commission (RERC), in an order on March 25, has responded to suggestions as well as queries from stakeholders. The order has followed […]

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The 12 States Welcoming EV Adoption With Policies To Match: WRI India

12 states in India stand out for their electric vehicles (EV) policies which can actually support and nurture an EV transition, according to a recent report launched by the World Resources Institute India (WRI India). According to the report titled, “A review of State Government Policies for Electric Mobility”, a total of 14 states have […]

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India Needs to Prioritise Rooftop Solar for Achieving 100 GW Target

India needs to prioritise rooftop solar among residential and industrial users for achieving its 100 GW solar target by 2022, a new report has revealed. India needs to prioritise rooftop solar among residential and industrial users for achieving its 100 GW solar energy target by 2022, a new report has revealed. Demand aggregation mechanism’ could help accelerate energy efficiency and […]

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As India’s States Pivot to Electric Buses, Challenges Surface

In just the past two months, announcements have been made for over 2000 electric buses from states across India, be it Delhi, Kashmir, Maharashtra or Punjab. It is important that local state transport authorities realise that an electric bus purchase is much more than just buying a bus that runs on electricity. Earlier this week, […]

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