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EV Sales Touch New World Record But Raw Materials Could Be Spoiler

The sale of electric vehicles (EV) across the world more than doubled this year against 6.6 million last year, accounting for one in 10 new cars sold, according to the International Energy Agency‘s annual report published on May 23. However, the report mentioned that the grey areas like price and supply of critical minerals could […]

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CSIR-CMERI and their record-breaking solar trees need a pause

Earlier this month on March 14th, the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research’s Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CMERI) unveiled the world’s largest solar tree, officially certified by the Guinness World Records (GWR), which has been installed at its Centre of Excellence for Farm Machinery in Ludhiana, Punjab. Rated for a capacity of 53.6 kW, […]

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World Record Thin-Film Solar Cell Efficiency of 22.9% Achieved by Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier expresses its gratitude to everyone for their cooperation in achieving this record, namely NEDO and AIST. The world’s largest provider of CIS solar energy solutions, Solar Frontier K.K., has set a new world record for thin-film solar cell efficiency. In joint research with the National Research and Development Agency’s New Energy and Industrial […]

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UNSW engineers set a new world record in solar cell efficiency

Engineers at the University of New South Wales have developed a new solar cell configuration that is 34.5 percent efficient at converting unfocused sunlight into electricity. The new solar cell is 44 percent better than the previous record – made by Alta Devices of the USA, which reached 24% efficiency with a larger solar array. […]

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