windstream energy technologies

Sanchi Stupa Welcomes 4kW SolarMill System by Windstream Energy Technologies

Solar city Sanchi is further tapping into the benefits of renewable energy. In a recent announcement, that affirms the state’s resolution ot give a push to RE, the famous Sanchi Stupa, Madhya Pradesh has welcomed a pilot project of 4kW for solarmill system installed by a provider of renewable energy products and solutions, Windstream Energy […]

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This Tribal Hamlet In Kerala Gets Electricity After 74 Years from Micro-Hybrids

For 75 years, a hamlet in Attapaddi, Kerala was shrouded in the dark, deprived of the basic human need- electricity. Forest fires, wild animal attacks and remoteness were some of the factors that prevented the establishment of renewable energy projects here. The tribal population, which dominates the hamlet, had been extremely possessive of its culture […]

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First Hybrid Solar And Wind Power Project Comes Up In Kerala By ANERT

In a novel beginning, the Electricity Minister of the Kerala Government, K Krishnankutty, has inaugurated a hybrid solar and wind energy project in the state. The renewable energy project was developed by the Agency for New and Renewable Energy Research and Technology (ANERT) as the first of this kind in Kerala at Chooralmala in Wayanad. […]

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