Engineer-Wind Resource Assessment

Wind and Site evaluation is a critical step in the Wind Power Plant sales process for Vestas. This position has an important role in identifying and quantifying technical risks of wind power projects, and generating and capturing value through innovative customized technical solutions. This is your opportunity to work with a global specialist who will offer […]

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PLM & MDM Engineer

Parts & MDM Support Under Service Product Lifecycle management is responsible for coordinating the complete lifecycle of the parts and Technical specs used in Wind turbines, which are maintained via service contracts. Moreover, the department enables geographically dispersed, multi-disciplinary, teams to strategically collaborate with partners and customers using trusted, up-to-date product information. The department is […]

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Area Service Manager

Responsibilities:- To handle Commercial Management, Customer Management and Contract Management Ensure internal & Customer targets such as LPF, Safety, Availability monitor and report status To ensure safe and quality way of site operation through their site leaders Monitor and control expenses at regional level on total site expenses Oversee the activities of subcontractors’ personnel and […]

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Engineer – Converter Electrical

As a Converter Electrical Engineer in “Converter Structure and Integration” sub-module, you will be part of a team of highly skilled R&D engineers located in Denmark, Portugal and Chennai. In our department we are accountable for the structural design of the electrical converter for all onshore and offshore Vestas turbine, has well as the converter […]

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Lead Engineer – Generator

The Vestas Power Solution business unit brings the technology development of our wind turbine products. We are responsible for its development, verification, and industrialization. It is here that we lay the technological foundation for staying ahead as the global leader within sustainable energy. The Powertrain Module area in Aerodynamic & Mechanical department, which is accountable […]

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Assistant Lead Engineer – FEA

Tower Module in Vestas Power Solutions is maintaining and developing the complete Vestas tower program. The tasks range from structural engineering over highly specialized FEM calculations, requirements specifications, DFMEA, test planning and execution to risk assessments and compilation of certification documentation. Tower Technology is a sub-department of Tower Module. The department is responsible for the […]

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Asst Lead Engineer

Control Engineering is responsible for delivering optimized and high quality control solutions for our Wind Turbines. This includes the real-time communication backbone that ties all the distributed control nodes together, the real time operating system of the control nodes and the high-level functionality that control all operation in the turbine. We are a team of around […]

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Electrical Engineer -Power Systems

Product Management propels Vestas’ Product Strategy making sure that Vestas always has the right motivated product offerings to stay ahead of competitors. Product Management has a global reach into our sales regions, including responsibility for technical sales and bid management, Wind & Site Engineering, and Balance of Plant and SCADA Engineering. Power System Consulting team […]

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Lead Engineer – FEA

Tower Value Engineering department is responsible for providing optimized tower solution to Vestas tower program. The tasks range from understanding the design requirement and requirement specification, designing tower using analytical and FEM calculations, designing tower components, performing DFMEA, test planning and execution to risk assessments and compilation of certification documentation. Tower value engineering is extension […]

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