Polyamide Backsheets From Tomark-Worthens Join the Fray for Backsheets Market

Backsheets, literally the backbone of your solar modules, have been on their own trail of innovation and improvements, ever since the cell and modules part of the business picked up pace. Importantly, with the relentless pressure on the solar sector to match costs of competitors like thermal and others, every part of the supply chain […]

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Behind China’s Energy Transition-Huanghe Hydro’s Solar Shift

As the energy transition picks pace, traditional energy firms worldwide have struggled to adapt. While the fossil fuel global majors have barely done a little better than actually resisting change, some others have been adapting, quietly. Be it India’s thermal giant NTPC with its plan to add 10 GW renewables generation capacity by 2024, or […]

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Backsheets and Beyond- Behind Cybrid Technologies Big Plans

China, the factory for the world is a truism that is particularly evident for the solar sector. Increasingly, we are seeing firms in the sector take the lead in innovations and shaping the future of the sector. It is no wonder that the whole premise of falling solar costs and high efficiencies in the new […]

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