Tata Capital

Cleantech Solar Raises Rs 6.25 Billion From Tata Capital for Indian RE Projects

Singapore headquartered Cleantech Solar has successfully secured a substantial long-term senior secured loan facility of Rs 6.25 billion from Tata Capital Limited. This funding is earmarked for bolstering its open access portfolio within India. Cleantech Solar stands as a prominent provider of renewable energy solutions catering to corporate entities across India and Southeast Asia. It […]

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Tata Green Switch Project Provides Access to Green Electricity in Jharkhand

The primary provider of financial services for the Tata Group, Tata Capital has developed and launched the “Green Switch Project,” a CSR initiative. The distant areas of Jharkhand’s Simdega district will receive consistent and uninterrupted green electricity through this initiative. Under this Green Switch project, Tata Capital will provide clean home power to far-flung tribal […]

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Tata Cleantech Report On The Indian Renewable Open Access Landscape

A joint venture between Tata Capital Limited and International Finance Corporation (World Bank Group), Tata Cleantech Capital Ltd (TCCL), has made a report on the market trends and state comparatives of Indian Renewable Open Access.  Globally, commercial and industrial (C&I) consumers, or corporates, account for 64% of the total electricity consumption. Under open access electricity […]

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