Eastman’s Maintenance-Free Gel Batteries Successfully Hits Energy Storage Market

The highlight of gel batteries is that the electrolyte contained in it does not flow like a liquid ensuring an instant start and long-lasting performance. The gel batteries manufactured by Eastman Auto and Power Ltd, a leading company in the energy storage segment and solar solutions, are making a mark in the power backup market […]

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SolarEdge Launches Grid Services, Virtual Power Plant Solution

It’s grid services offer aggregative control and data reporting enabling the pooling of PV and storage in the cloud for the creation of virtual power plants. Israel-based inverter solutions provider SolarEdge Technologies has launched an innovative solution for grid services and virtual power plants. The solution supports a new model of energy generation. It’s grid […]

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Imagining Application of Water to Store Renewable Power is a Step-Away! 

This revolutionary yet cheap technology can store Solar and Wind energy subsequently and then easily can be fed to the grid and later redistributed when the demand is high. Imagining water to store electricity can surely make your drink one more glass right-away as scientist have discovered a battery that is known to operate through […]

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SDG&E Unveils Largest Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage Facility in Partnership with AES Energy

SDG&E’s lithium-ion battery energy storage facility will enhance regional energy reliability while maximizing renewable energy use.  The 30MW storage facility is capable of storing up to 120MW hours of energy, the energy equivalent of serving 20,000 customers for four hours. SDG&E has unveiled the largest lithium-ion battery energy storage facility in partnership with AES Energy Storage.  […]

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VELCO, IBM Announce the Creation of Utopus Insights for next generation of intelligent energy solutions

Under an agreement between VELCO and IBM Research, IBM Research’s Smarter Energy team, as well as related intellectual property and technology, will become part of Utopus Insights Vermont Electric Power Company (VELCO) and IBM have announced the creation of Utopus Insights, Inc. Utopus Insights, based in Valhalla, NY is a new company that will strive […]

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Scientists develop and designs solar-powered vending cart for storage of fruits and vegetables

Eevaporatively cooled vending cart can help maintain the freshness of vegetables and fruits for an average of five days Scientists at Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) have designed a solar-powered vending cart to increase the shelf life of vegetables. This will also reduce the usage of water on vegetables to keep them fresh on hot […]

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Former First Solar CEO to Lead EOS Energy Storage

Eos Energy Storage – a safe, ultra-low cost Znyth battery major announces incumbency of former CEO of First Solar – Jim Hughes. Joining as Chairman of the Board, Jim will be responsible to avant-garde the company from technology development to commercial manufacturing and product deployment. The strategic appointment comes amid the company’s announcement of a $23M Series […]

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Tesla Ignites Vie in Solar Through its Latest Solar Roof + Storage Integrated Solution

Imagining a solar panel coming with an integrated battery shall go-freak solar fanatics. Tesla seems to have made it possible as Verge reports that Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has lately unveiled a portfolio of solar panels armed with batteries. While introducing the revolutionary solution, Musk cites that unlike other solar systems which must […]

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