The Long Road For Electric Trucks In India

The transportation sector is responsible for nearly 14% of India’s total GHG emissions. It is also the fastest-growing greenhouse gas emissions sector in India. Road transport, in particular, accounts for over 90% of transport emissions in the country. Therefore, to achieve the net-zero goals, India has to decarbonise road transport. Electrification of road transport will […]

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US Automakers Want Congress To End Tax Credit Cap On Electric Vehicles

The American electric vehicle manufacturers are devising means that could help the faster adoption of electric vehicles and seamless growth of the EV sector in the USA at a time when the European and Chinese electric vehicle markets are booming. In a fresh development, Chief Executive Officers of General Motors, Ford Motor, Stellantis and Toyota […]

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Canadian Govt funds project to enhance manufacturing of electric vehicles

Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau has announced that the Canadian Federal Government will investment in project funding for Stellantis – one the leading automakers in Canada – to help the company modernize its assembly plants and heighten the production of electric vehicles in Canada. A press statement emanating from the office of the Prime […]

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Solid State Batteries Get A Vote of Confidence With $200 Million For Factorial Energy

Massachusetts, US based Solid State Battery maker Factorial Energy has raised $200 million as part of a Series D round of funding, led by Mercedes-Benz and Stellantis. The startup said that the money will help commercialise its solid state batteries for use in EV’s and more faster. Factorial Energy has developed a 40 Ah version of solid-state […]

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