Solar System Analyzer

Meco Announces Launch of World’s First Solar-Electric Crypto Mining Rigs

Recently, Meco Limited (mecobit) held an exclusive launch event at the Hong Kong Technology Bureau to introduce the highly anticipated Ultimate Solar Power System, a solar power system with incredible backups and cryptocurrency miners. (World 1st Solar-Electric Crypto Mining Rigs) Solar Panel Kit for a Small Solar Station (Complete) Featured Solar Array M4000 one of […]

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MECO Solar System Analyzer-9018BT

Product Brief: MECO Solar System Ana-lyzer- 9018BT is a portable analyzer used for testing, monitoring, measuring, analyzing and troubleshooting various parameters of solar system. Product Feature: Solar System Analyzer- 9018BT draws I-V curve with parameters such as Voc, Isc, Vpm, Ipm with efficiency (%) calculation for solar system. This analyzer comes with Remote Solar Detector […]

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MECO launches Solar Power Meter-936 and Solar System Analyzer Model 9018BT

MECO has launched its Solar Power Meter-936 for measuring solar power or solar irradiance. The portable meter uses high sensitivity silicon photodiode to measure solar power. MECO solar power meter can also detect solar tilt angle with orientation. This instrument is designed to measure solar power in the range from 400 to 1100 nanometers. It […]

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