Solar Energy

Headway to Solar Energy Storage

Researches are significantly focusing to discover better approaches to store energy created by solar PV frameworks. There are various batteries available that can store sunlight based energy, however even the most innovative ones are genuinely wasteful; they’re costly and have a really short time span of usability, making them not the most alluring choices for […]

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India Aims to Enforce 2 GW Solar Power Capacity by this Financial Year

After a major milestone of solar energy production reached by India, Latest report cites that around 2GW of solar power capacity is expected to foster by the last financial quarters. Between January and March 2016, major facilities have been identified across four states – Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana. India has already […]

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United PV Demands $90 Million as Remittance from Hareon

A Chinese company named United Photovoltaics Group has claimed a return of $64 million and damages redress after a deal with Hareon went fatal. United Photovoltaics Group Limited recently filed a HK$700 million ($89.8 million) claim against Hareon Solar Technolgy Company Limited in connection with an agreement to acquire on-grid solar power projects in China. […]

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Global Solar Sector Attracts US$160 billion Investment in 2015 – BNEF Report

In 2015 the Global investment in solar sector reached a record US$161.5 billion off the back of 57GW of PV installations, more startling than the growth figures is that this commitment to renewables has continued to ratchet up while fossil fuel prices have plummeted. Oil prices have more than halved in two year. According to […]

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India Reaches ambitious 5,000 MW of Solar Power Installed Capacity

The solar power generation figures underlined by the Govt. of India by 2022 is getting some momentum, latest report asserts that till Mid – January the installed capacity of solar power in India crossed the milestone of 5,000 MW. The cumulative installed capacity has reached to 5,130 MW with installed capacity of 1385 MW in […]

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Yamaha India to Transform its Surajpur Unit with Solar Power

The Japanese automobile major, Yamaha is aiming to consume low energy by opting solar energy as the prime way of energy sustainability. The company has recently announced a 4,000 KW solar power project at its facility in Surajpur, Uttar Pradesh. The Indian body, Yamaha has join forces with solar service provider Amplus Solar for installation, […]

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Sand Particles can be used for Solar Energy

When sun is at its zenith, its known fact that with bare feet it’s hard to wobble around the beach, now researchers is known to have demonstrated solar energy using sand particle. The research project called ‘Sandstock’ has been seeking to develop a sustainable and low-cost gravity-fed solar receiver and storage system through sand particles, […]

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GMR Edifice 5MW Powered Solar Power Plant at Hyderabad Airport

GMR Hyderabad International Airport Ltd edifices a 5 MW solar power plant checking on the local demands of consumption. The solar plant set up will cost around Rs. 25 crore and has started generating around 25,000 units per day addressing the airport’s peak power demand during day time. SGK Kishore, Chief Executive Officer of GHAIL, said that […]

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Solar Energy On-Demand Use can be a Marvel Possibility

Researchers at MIT have come up with a ground breaking new innovation – a unique process for absorbing and retaining solar energy for on-demand use.  “It is a material that is capable of absorbing photons (light) and storing their energy,” said MIT professor Dr. David Zhitomirsky. “Then, this energy can be released as heat on-demand, […]

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