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Hanergy’s MiaSolé, Solliance Achieve New Record Efficiency on Flexible Solar Cells

This new record efficiency was achieved as a result of the combined expertise of both the companies i.e. MiaSolé’s specialisation in copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) development and manufacturing; and Solliance expertness in the area of perovskite technology. Just nine months after the presentation of first record breaking flexible solar cell, MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp jointly […]

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Ultrathin Solar Cells Reach a Record of Nearly 20% Efficiency

C2N has succeeded in trapping sunlight with 20 percent efficiency in a solar cell with an ultrathin absorbing layer of GaAs on nanostructured back mirror Researchers at the Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies (C2N), in collaboration in particular with researchers at the German Fraunhofer ISE, have succeeded to trap sunlight efficiently in a solar cell thanks […]

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Quantum Materials Licenses its Thin Film Cell Tech “Quantum Dot” For Indian Manufacture

Leading American cadmium-free quantum dot and nano-materials manufacturer Quantum Materials Corp has received an initial $500K (Rs 3.44 crore) along with confirmation that the $500K balance payment is in the process as part of the upfront license fee for the License and Development Agreement consummated with Amtronics CC. The license is the foundation for the […]

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ASU Engineers Break Solar Cell Record

Addition of chemicals to solution allows the team to surpass their own record from last year A team of researchers from the Arizona State University in collaboration with researchers from the University of Nebraska claims to have set the world record efficiency of 25.4 percent for a tandem solar cell stacked with perovskite and silicon. […]

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Fraunhofer ISE Achieves Record Efficiency for Multi-Junction Solar Cell

Further, the outstanding achievement is that the III-V layers were directly grown on the silicon. The researchers of the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Fraunhofer ISE) have achieved a new efficiency record of 22.3 percent for a multi-junction solar cell made of silicon and III-V semiconductor materials. Further, the outstanding achievement is that the […]

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Solar-Tectic Gets Patent for CZTS Thin Film Tandem Solar Cell

The patent, US 10,062,792 titled “Method of Making a CZTS/Silicon Thin-Film Tandem Solar Cell,” is for high efficiency and cost effective earth abundant non-toxic solar cells, with the potential to surpass current dominant silicon wafer solar panel efficiencies as well as those of the commercially available thin-film solar cell technologies such as CIGS, CdTe, and […]

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Bifacial photovoltaics – The Future has two sides

Solar modules are aligned to or even track the sun. The rear of standard solar modules only receives a small fraction of the energy captured by the front of the module. Nevertheless, the back surface can contribute 5% to 30% of the overall energy balance. The word “bifacial” keeps cropping up nowadays in the photovoltaics […]

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Trina Vends Solar Modules to the Largest Private PV Project in Vietnam

Costing upto  US$ 220 million, the Trina project is expected to play a key role in the country’s transformation to renewable energy. Chinese solar panel manufacturer, Trina Solar (TSL) has revealed that it supplies 258MW Monocrystalline PERC double glass modules to the largest private solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Vietnam. The project scheduled to be completed […]

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