South Korean University Research Aims At Boosting Lithium-Ion Battery Efficiency

Researchers at the Chung-Ang University in South Korea have worked on improving the efficiency of Lithium-ion batteries. Their work mainly involved in the electrolyte solutions. Lithium-ion batteries, essential for electric vehicles, face safety concerns due to polarization effects during fast charging. These researchers have now studied the impact of high-concentration electrolytes on their interface kinetics and […]

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Researchers Develop Hurricane Resistant Wind Turbines Based On Palm Tree Structure

The increasing size of wind turbines’ tower and blades for greater energy harnessing has caused a problem of its own kind; especially on the coasts of the USA. The hurricanes (cyclones) pose risks to the wind turbines structures and to the future of wind energy. Now a team of researchers from Colorado University in Boulder […]

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Researchers Develop New Battery that Charges within Seconds

Scientists have created the new battery architecture to address the demands for energy storage devices that can be charged faster.   Researchers from the Cornell University in the US have developed a novel self-assembling battery device that can be recharged within seconds and in future could power mobile devices. Scientists have created the new battery architecture to address the demands for energy storage […]

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Researchers Find Ways to Generate Hydrogen Fuel from Sunlight

A new research, led by Govinder Singh Pawar, who is an Indian origin scientist at the University of Exeter in the UK, has given a ray of hope for the solar fuel. The total energy produced by sunlight in a single hour is equivalent to the mankind’s total energy consumption for one year, but the […]

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Scientists Showcases Nanotechnology Based Low-Cost Solar Cells

The more extended the light spends inside the solar cells – the more prominent its possibility of getting ingested. A group of researchers at Stanford University, including an analyst of Indian starting point, has indicated how nanotechnology can be utilized to make crystalline silicon (c-Si) thin-film solar cells that are more proficient at catching solar […]

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Researchers have designed a device that is effective and offer low-cost solution for storing solar energy

Solar energy can be stored by converting it into hydrogen. But current methods are too expensive and don’t last long. Researchers at EPFL and CSEM have designed a device using commercially available solar cells and none of the usual rare metals that outperforms in stability, efficiency and cost. One of the solutions to store solar […]

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