Reinvest 2020

The Risk In Renewables, And How To Reduce It

The Fourth Plenary session at REINVEST 2020 looked at the risks in investing in renewables in India, and ways to mitigate those risks. A panel with India’s leading renewable financiers, developers and global players narrowed down the key issues and some possible solutions. Pankaj Jain, Additional Secretary, Department of Financial Services, Ministry of Finance, moderated […]

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The Case For Storage Is a Tough Sell At Reinvest 2020

RE-invest 2020’s session on battery storage, with a focus on innovation and sustainability, sent out mixed messages on the potential for, and need for battery storage in India. Thus, while some of the panelists drove home the point that long term storage was not really a requirement for India yet, considering the little gap between […]

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Small Hydro At Re-Invest 2020 Strives To Stay Relevant

Caught between low cost solar power and wind, and the huge displacement and other environmental concerns of large hydro projects, small hydro tends to get missed out by policy makers. Especially as most potential here is limited to the hill states of Himachal especially, besides Uttarahand and now, Arunachal Pradesh. At RE-Invest 2020 though, where […]

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Preparing For a Renewable Future- The Business Models That Matter

If there is one thing the renewable energy sector cannot be accused of doing, it is to look back too much. The solar sector in particular has everything to look forward to, considering the strong momentum it has built up globally. The Covid-19 crisis has only sharpened those opportunities, and possibilities of even more support […]

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REINVEST 2020 Is Reimagined, MNRE Invites Bids for Virtual Event This Year

As we had reported earlier, the Reinvest 2020 event is set to go digital (virtual) this year, with the MNRE determined not to allow the Covid-19 pandemic to push the event any further. The event, which has struggled at times since its first edition in 2015, managing just one more event in 2018, is clearly […]

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