REINVEST 2020 Is Reimagined, MNRE Invites Bids for Virtual Event This Year

As we had reported earlier, the Reinvest 2020 event is set to go digital (virtual) this year, with the MNRE determined not to allow the Covid-19 pandemic to push the event any further. The event, which has struggled at times since its first edition in 2015, managing just one more event in 2018, is clearly ever more important today, with the huge investments planned in renewables and storage.

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MNRE secretary Anand Kumar

In fact, at this pitch to a US-India forum last week, MNRE secretary Anand Kumar had made a special pitch to US investors to participate in numbers this year, as he shared plans to make it a virtual event this year.

The current RFP (Request for proposal) calls for Development, Implementation and Management of an Interactive IT Platform to conduct Global RE-INVEST 2020 in Digital Space.

The scope of work is detailed, including one meeting with 10,000 persons together, and more with smaller numbers, including 1000, 5000 etc. There is also a requirement for designing a virtual exhibition, with up to 2000 exhibitors and capacity to handle the traffic of 10,000 visitors logged in at the same time. The facility should have option for both 2D and 3D viewing/ interaction and should have all possible options for appropriate display of RE (renewable energy) products and services through online/ virtual platform. The option should also include Reviewer’s perspective on these RE products and services.

Timelines will be tight, with just 90 days after award to the winning bidder. The focus clearly is on firms with experience of handling online events and exhibitions to step up. While it is difficult to estimate the project value at this stage, an EMD requirement of Rs 5 lacs from interested bidders is an indication.

The full RFP can be accessed here.

Industry will probably welcome a revival of REINVEST2020, as the event’s repeated postponements had not exactly been sending the best message out to prospective investors. Plus, as a growing, young sector, open events of this nature usually help open up the field to newcomers, as well as expose them to the opportunities at a more authentic forum. Further deepening the market.

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