ST’s iNEMO Sensors Offer Machine-Learning Technology for Industrial and Consumer Applications

French-Italian semiconductor giant STMicroelectronics (ST) has now extended the benefits of its motion-detection machine-learning core (MLC) technologies for industrial and high-end consumer applications with its latest ISM330DHCX and LSM6DSRX 6-axis iNEMO™ inertial measurement units (IMU). The company claims that this MLC can perform basic AI pre-processing of motion data using about 0.001 times the power a typical microcontroller (MCU) would consume […]

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Solis Launches new 110kW Inverter Solution for Rooftop Solar Systems

Ginlong Technologies (Solis) has released the latest addition to its 5 Generation (5G) portfolio, the new “Solis 110kW” inverter. Ginlong Technologies (Solis), a global leader in PV string inverter manufacturing, has released the latest addition to its 5 Generation (5G) portfolio, the new “Solis 110kW” inverter. The new inverter, as the firm claims, brings a more reliable, […]

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Hanergy’s Thin Film Solar Panels to Assist in Antarctic Meteorology Research

Hanergy’s thin-film solar panels will be utilized in the equipment and observation station in the Antarctic region which will aid the meteorology research. The world’s largest thin-film solar power solution company, Hanergy Thin Film Power Group (, sustains its grandeur in the industry. As per the recent development, the clean energy giant has signed an […]

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STMicroelectronics’ New Light Sensor Boosts Camera Performance

The VD6281 is up to 5x more sensitive than other colour sensors in the market, allowing integration behind a coverglass, inside an optical module with another companion chip or flashLED, or through an opaque phone back cover, supporting optimal industrial design. STMicroelectronics has released an innovative full-colour ambient light sensor (ALS) that helps smartphones take […]

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SWELECT Launches High Performance SERVO Stabilizers

SWELECT’s new SWEES SERVO Stabilizers are an effective and reliable solution for the common phenomenon of voltage variations. With rich expertise in power electronics & renewable energy SWELECT has launched, SWEES high performance SERVO stabilizers. The product is available in broad range of Single-phase & Three-phase servo stabilizers suitable for a wide range of applications. […]

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Luminous’ WiFi Enabled Smart Home Inverter, LED Bulbs

The company also launched Luminous Zelio WiFi, a wifi enabled inverter which can be connected to a smartphone with the Luminous app. Luminous recently launched products which are going to make your life a bit more awesome. Launching India’s first wall mounted smart power backup system having an innovative design, long life and no requirement […]

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