Luminous’ WiFi Enabled Smart Home Inverter, LED Bulbs

Luminous’ WiFi Enabled Smart Home Inverter, LED Bulbs

The company also launched Luminous Zelio WiFi, a wifi enabled inverter which can be connected to a smartphone with the Luminous app.

Luminous recently launched products which are going to make your life a bit more awesome. Launching India’s first wall mounted smart power backup system having an innovative design, long life and no requirement of maintenance.

The company also launched Luminous Zelio WiFi, a wifi enabled inverter which can be connected to a smartphone with the Luminous app. In addition to these, Smart Glo LED Bulb was also launched by the company.

The salient features of Luminous Regalia are as follows:

  • It’s a revolutionary lithium ion based power back-up system can be wall mounted and comes loaded with multiple user-friendly features
  • Regalia is a compact power back-up system that is designed in an aesthetically pleasing and modern style with an expected lifespan of up to 10 years
  • It uses the lithium ion battery technology which makes it maintenance free and removes the need of periodic water top up
  • Regalia is also future ready, offering consumers the option to charge Regalia with regular mains supply or thrgh solar panels harnessing abundant solar energy
  • Regalia is Luminous’ most sophisticated and smartest power back-up system yet. It is designed to suit modern sensibilities to seamlessly blend with the home décor for both contemporary and traditionally styled homes.
  • It enables users to stay connected using Wi-Fi. It also has a touch screen to view backup time, charging time or for configuration. It is safe, eliminating the risk of accidental contact by doing away with wires, terminals and includes an in-built safety mechanism to protect appliances from voltage surges and short circuits
  • Available in 3 models Regalia 900 @ MRP Rs 1,10,000/-, Regalia 1530 @ MRP Rs 1,30,000/- and Regalia 1550 @ MRP Rs 1,70,000/-

Salient features of Luminous Zelio WiFi are:

  • Zelio WiFi can connect with Smartphones and remotely monitor the power situation at home from anywhere in the world
  • Zelio WiFi is a pure sine wave, state-of-the-art Smart Home UPS with WiFi connectivity that can display device statistics at the touch of a fingertip using an Android/iOS App
  • The App can display power back-up time, load %, battery charging time, battery charge status, input supply voltage, power cut trend and much more. With Zelio WiFi, consumers can remotely monitor the power situation at home from anywhere in the world
  • This new product offering from Luminous is the outcome of a robust research and development focused on customer-centric innovation. Zelio WiFi is an example of the cutting-edge app-based technology that will help consumers to manage the power outages more efficiently and comfortably
  • Zelio WiFi is a next generation product by Luminous which comprises of a Digital Signal Processing core that yields high performance and is equipped with a display that shows power back-up in hours and minutes, allowing the consumers to plan their day without any hassle and manage their appliances accordingly when there is a power outage.
  • It can be used to provide power back up for all domestic appliances and comes with various in-built protection features to overcome issues like short circuit, over-heating or wrong wiring.
  • It has a learning software that adapts to the different types of batteries and their current discharge status to predict the remaining back up time. It also offers an easy bypass switch to bypass the device and allow mains to be available without any wiring changes, in case of a device fault.
  • Zelio WiFi is available for sale at retail outlets across the country, Luminous E-Shop and major E-commerce platforms.
  • Available in 2 models Zelio WiFi 1100 @ MRP Rs 11,100/- and Zelio WiFi 1700 @ MRP Rs 13,100/-

Salient features of Smart Glo LED Bulb are:

  • With Luminous Smart Glo Bulb, consumers can enjoy wireless control of their lighting system with the special app and light up their homes with a variety of features
  • Smart Glo Bulb can create vibrant lighting or a soothing atmosphere with a mix of different colours; with these LEDs consumers can bring alive any space with the touch on the screen
  • Consumers can make modifications as per their liking with versatile features ranging from brightness setting to colour adjustments. Luminous Smart Glo Bulb offers millions of color options to choose from and consumers can also group multiple lamps
  • Consumers can be a step ahead with Smart Scheduling to automate Lighting. The alarm setting, and scheduling features allow consumers to use lighting to get notified of daily tasks and routines.

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