President Biden

US Deploys Seventh GW Scale Sunrise Wind Offshore Commercial Project

The Biden-Harris administration has announced the approval of the Sunrise Wind offshore wind project which is the nation’s seventh commercial-scale offshore wind project. The Sunrise Wind offshore project is led by the Department of the Interior under President Biden’s leadership. These seven projects have the potential to provide more than 8 gigawatts of clean, renewable […]

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US Invests $44 Million In Grid Connected Renewable Energy Projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has announced the selection of eleven projects to receive $34 million for tools to advance a clean, reliable electricity grid run on wind and solar energy. DOE also announced a new $10 million funding to streamline the interconnection of clean energy to the grid. Together, these initiatives are estimated […]

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US Proposes Norms To Counter Chinese Domination In Battery Manufacturing

The US Department of Treasury and the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) has now proposed guidelines on clean vehicles credits under the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). It is expected to lower costs for consumers, spur growth in the US vehicle manufacturing, and strengthen energy security. The move is also likely to reduce the dependency of the […]

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PV Installs Explode Despite Obstacles, Jump 87 GW

Despite ongoing price increases on polysilicon and other commodities, rising costs, sanctions against China for using Uyghur forced labor to produce solar panels, not to mention the US Department of Commerce block in early 2022 due to antidumping accusations in Southeast Asia, solar installations are likely to increase by 38% year over year. This is […]

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Norway Firm REC Silicon Reports $35.6 M Revenue in Q2 FY21

REC Silicon is exploring opportunities created by President Biden’s renewable energy agenda to utilize its proven FBR technology to provide low-cost, low-carbon polysilicon for the solar value chain, said Tore Torvund, CEO of the Norway-based silicon materials producer. The company recently reported second quarter 2021 revenues of USD 35.6 million versus USD 28.0 million in the […]

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