PEM electrolyser

Germany Welcomes Electrolyser Gigafactory

Germany has welcomed electrolyser gigafactory established by Siemens Energy and Air Liquide. The Germany electrolyser gigafactory is introduced by Siemens Energy, which is making electrolysers more commercially accessible while augmenting the hydrogen economy, stated the firm. The Germany electrolyser gigafactory will boast an annual production of 1 GW worth of capacity. This capacity will be raised […]

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Siemens Energy plans Multi-Gigawatt Electrolyser Factory in Berlin

Siemens Energy has said that it will build a multi-gigawatt (GW) proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser factory in Germany for green hydrogen. It said that the first 1GW segment will be made operational in 2023. The PEM electrolyser factory will be a highly automated facility that will be constructed in an existing production building which is already […]

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