Siemens Energy plans Multi-Gigawatt Electrolyser Factory in Berlin

Highlights :

  • The first 1GW PEM electrolyser will come up in 2023.
  • The production line will be built on a 2000 meters area at a cost of €30 million.
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Siemens Energy has said that it will build a multi-gigawatt (GW) proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyser factory in Germany for green hydrogen. It said that the first 1GW segment will be made operational in 2023.

The PEM electrolyser factory will be a highly automated facility that will be constructed in an existing production building which is already employed by Siemens Energy. The company is manufacturing gas turbines that are capable of burning hydrogen blends.

The new production lines are being planned on 2,000 square meters at Huttenstrasse in Moabit locality of Berlin, at a cost of €30 million.

The company has announced that it will produce individual electrolysis cells and combine them to form ‘stacks’ in the Berlin plant. The electricity supplied will be sourced from renewable sources.

The cells and stacks will be transported by Siemens on trucks to a facility 540km away in Mulheim where they will be assembled into ‘larger process-based units.’

Christian Bruch, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), “For us, hydrogen is an important component of the future energy world. For this to be economically viable, the manufacturing costs for electrolyzers must be significantly reduced. With our new production facility, we are helping to make hydrogen competitive sooner.”

“We are pooling our knowledge in the field of various energy technologies in Berlin. For us, hydrogen is an important component of the future energy world,” he said. Siemens Energy is a spin off from Siemens Group’s Gas and Power division. The company is already in the business of PEM electrolysers production. It has planned to move its existing manufacturing capacity to Berlin.

As far as the key aspects of PEM Electrolysis are concerned, there is a high level of efficiency, high product gas quality and reliable operation with no chemicals or impurities.

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