Servotech Power Systems Files Two Patents for Energy Management Technologies

Servotech Power Systems, a manufacturer of EV chargers and solar solutions, has announced that it has filed two patents for innovative energy management technologies in order to facilitate grid service optimization through a battery energy storage system. These will also help effectively channel renewable energy into BESS for maximum value, enabling the transition to sustainable […]

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Colombian Startup Reimagines Use of Seawater to Create Electricity

With growing global interest in renewable energy to produce electricity, more and more firms around the world are coming up with innovative solutions. Startups, often known for taking risks and bringing disruptive technologies into the market, are part of this new revolution. One such startup in renewable energy based in Colombia, E-Dina has invented WaterLight- […]

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Patents for Green Hydrogen Technology Increased Every Year By 18%

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) and the European Patent Office (EPO) published on May 12 a joint study about the trends and dynamism in the field of hydrogen that can be produced using renewable electricity via electrolysis. Using the patent statistics, the innovation trends in electrolysers for hydrogen production show a consistent pattern that […]

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In Conversation with Nitin Gupta, Co-Founder, Attero Recycling

As the EV transition picks up pace, India’s progress will depend on the availability of Lithium-Ion batteries, and their cost. It’s a challenge for a country wholly dependent on imports for now, a dependence as crippling as our dependence on oil imports. Alive to the challange, the government floated a PLI scheme for battery manufacturing, […]

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SolarEdge Stretches Lawsuit against Huawei in Germany for Breaching ‘Patent of Addition’

Among other fiscal damages, SolarEdge Technologies seeks lawful orders to recall the cease of Huawei power optimizers from the German markets. SolarEdge Technologies, a global leader in smart energies, has extended its lawsuit pending in the Mannheim District Court, Germany, against Huawei Technologies and connecting firms by asserting two additional patents related to its power […]

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