Oorjan Cleantech

The Rise of Community Solar Initiatives Brightening Sustainable Future

Swati Singh, Product Marketing Manager of Oorjan Cleantech  Dayanita was born in the rural agrarian and fishing community of Hill Kaka, a remote hamlet in Poonch district, that’s almost cut off from the rest of India. At 19, she has never seen a light bulb lit up in her home. The rocky terrain, coupled with […]

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The Promise Of Solar Energy From Space

Solar space farms? One of the most fascinating developments in the renewable energy sector has been the possibility of putting solar technology in space. NASA, in 1977, claimed that in the coming years space solar could completely replace fossil fuels. The study and investments were stopped citing a lack of understanding of the technology required […]

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Oorjan Cleantech Sets Foot into Jharkhand Market

Co-founded by IITians and bankers, tech-enabled solar solution provider, Oorjan Cleantech Private Limited, has announced expansion into Jharkhand. Gautam Das, Founder, and CEO quoted, “Oorjan has been expanding its business operations across India and Jharkhand is our 19th State/UTs where we will be spreading green energy solutions including financing and reliable products. We will continue […]

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As Solar Spreads Out, Marketing Makes an Entrance

Just over 30 months ago, SaurEnergy did a feature on rooftop solar, “Residential Solar. Market Yes, But Marketing?” That story, in our April 2020 issue talked about the potential in the rooftop solar category, albeit, residential. But there was almost complete lack of formal marketing tactics from firms to attract customers. The few firms with […]

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Oorjan Cleantech Hits Milestone of Enabling 150 MW of Solar, $100 Mn Deployment

The Mumbai-based green energy startup Oorjan Cleantech has achieved a significant milestone by deploying $100 million (USD) in green capital and enabling the installation of 150 megawatts of solar power in just four years. India has been working to adopt renewable energy quickly as part of its strategy to combat climate change (RE). India aims […]

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Green Jobs Are Finally A Mainstream Reality In India, Thanks To Solar

The news of India’s ambitious solar and renewable energy targets  has thrown up the possibility of as many as one million jobs in another three years’ time. These jobs matter, not only to an economy always seeking opportunities for its citizens, but also to ease the faster acceptance  and spread of renewable energy, especially solar. […]

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Renewables Face An Oil Slick

A month after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the geo-political crisis has taken a heavy toll on human life, Ukrainian cities and infrastructure, and of course the Russian economy. If anything, the cost of the crisis for both the countries in the weeks succeeding February 24 — the day Russia first sent its forces into […]

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The new age solution in energy storage: Sodium (Na)-ion Battery

With the global focus on energy transition to nonconventional sources, the renewable energy sector has grabbed attention all over the world. The renewable energy (RE) sector has been experiencing continuous evolution in terms of technology, usage and regulations. A major concern in the RE sector is energy storage, wherein a lot of technology evolution has […]

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