Renewables Under Modi. A Success Story Validated by Industry Stakeholders.

Despite policy reversals and various other operational challenges faced by the industry, a bulk of the respondents are optimistic about its growth prospects. The Indian renewable industry has given a pass certificate to the five years under Modi government rule with 78 percent of the respondents in a survey of CEOs of the industry feel […]

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Govt Floats Massive 20,000MW Solar Power Capacity

The new projects are likely to ramp up renewable energy production in the country from around 70 GW to around 225 GW in next four years. The NDA government ramping up to oust 100GW target after it is lately known to have shared proposals to issue tenders for 20 GW solar power capacities. The mammoth capacity […]

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Domestic Manufacturers Hoping of a Favorable Budget 2018

Currently, importing machinery and manufacturing equipment incur a heavy duty, compared to the duty-free import of finished products like Solar PV modules. As the administration keeps on the significance of the expanded appropriation of the sustainable power source, the power area seeks after a truly necessary push to domestic equipment manufacturers in the current year’s Union Budget. […]

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INDIA Marches Ahead

As 2017 comes to an end, it is worth taking a holistic look at the Indian solar market to analyze key trends, challenges and outlook. By many accounts, the Indian solar power industry is on a roll. According to a report released by consulting firm Bridge to India, India is expected to reach an installed […]

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