Navratan Katariya

What you Should Know Before you Choose to be a ‘SYSTEM INSTALLER’

Let us start with what does a Solar System Installer in solar industry mean. In common language, it generally refers to KW rated roof top photovoltaic projects. Also known as Solar System Integrator, it encompasses the actual execution/construction task (‘installing’ a solar system); and other role across all functions as required being an entrepreneur; from […]

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Startup Opportunities in Solar pv

Two key words that I would like to start: “startups” and “Rs.2.44/unit”. These have caught the attention of every educated citizen in the country. The first, for the opportunity of utilizing ones ideas and potential of doing something great; the other being the lowest tariff quoted in this month in solar PV under reverse bidding. […]

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Navratan Katariya, Founder, Sy-Energy Consultants

Navratan fell in love with solar energy much before he joined his electrical engineering in 1980. His first entrepreneurship mode of career introduced some of the first few projects gifted to the Government: from solar pumps, micro-wind hybrid for defense, solar thermal refrigeration for milk chilling and vaccine storage; and a Joint Venture with Daimler […]

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