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Offshore Wind Could Generate 8% Of USA’s Electricity By 2050: NREL

The NREL has released a report on, “Expanded Modelling Scenarios”. which helps to understand the role of offshore wind in decarbonizing the United States. The report estimates that 20% of regional power needs could be served alongside the Atlantic coast to support offshore wind farms by 2050.  NREL is the U.S. Department of Energy’s primary […]

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Metallization Paste for a Constantly Evolving Substrate

Introduction A lot of focus in the Photovoltaics (PV) industry is placed on the performance and reliability of final assembled modules and systems. However, further upstream there are hundreds of critical pieces that need to come together first. With >90% of the world’s installed PV being crystalline silicon-based [1], one of the key components is […]

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Solar Cells Made With Tin Could Make Solar Power Cheaper And More Widespread

A research team from University of Warwick lead by Dr. Ross Hatton and Professor Richard Walton explained how solar cells could be produced which are more adaptable and simpler to produce than their current counterparts. Researchers note that solar cells made with tin could lead to a more widespread use of solar power, with potential […]

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