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China Solar Manufactures up 15.7% in Jan-June 2020, says CPIA

The China Photovoltaic Solar Association (CPIA), an industry body of solar manufacturers in the country, has announced that manufacturers in the country churned out 15.7 percent higher production of solar panels, at 59 GW in the first six months of this year. That would seem to indicate that the effects of the Coronavirus have been […]

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The Perils Of A High Customs Duty Regime

Every crisis brings an opportunity with it. This is because obstacles considered insurmountable earlier, can become a lot more manageable in the rush of a crisis. India’s government has clearly decided to use the Covid-19, followed by the now bloody border dispute with China, as the opportunity to set things right for manufacturing in India. […]

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With Focus On Chinese Imports, Familiar Tussle Returns For Solar Sector

Imports in the solar sector, where Chinese origin equipment is said to account for anything between 78 percent to 85 percent of equipment used, are back in focus. Reports quoting sources say that the government has sought product-wise details of cheap imports, comparison with domestic prices and tax disadvantage, if any, from industry to curb […]

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2 Days After 12 GW Manufacturing ‘Stimulus’ Time For Reality Check

On Feb 6, the government announced a move to push central public sector undertakings towards a 12 GW solar plan, powered completely by domestic manufacturing. Will this finally kick start domestic manufacturing? 2 days after the announcement, we spoke to industry insiders, as well as considered the factors that could make or break this latest […]

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