Li-ion Batteries

India Overtakes China As Largest Three-Wheelers EV Market: IEA

International Energy Agency (IEA) in its ‘Global EV Outlook’ report found a rise in the global share of the three-wheeler (3W) market by 13% in 2023 to reach 4.5 million sales. The report found three-wheeler electric vehicles composed a 21% share compared to 18% in 2022. IEA report estimated that almost 1 million electric three-wheelers […]

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French Researchers (PROMES-CNRS Lab) Invent Solar Pyrolysis To Recycle Lithium Batteries

Research conducted at the PROMES-CNRS laboratory, under the leadership of Gilles Flamant, has recently validated the viability of employing a solar-powered pyro-metallurgical process for recycling valuable elements such as lithium, nickel, cobalt, and others from lithium-ion batteries. The PROMES-CNRS laboratory specializes in endeavors aimed at industrial decarbonization through the utilization of extremely high-temperature solar energy. […]

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SES Bets On Li-Metal Batteries For EV Future

Headquartered in Massachusetts, SES AI Corporation is a manufacturer and developer of Hybrid Li-Metal rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles (EV) and other applications. SES AI was founded on April 17, 2012, originally as SolidEnergy Systems. Its Li-Metal batteries combine the high energy density of Li-Metal with the cost-effective, large-scale manufacturing of conventional Li-ion batteries. SES […]

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ECA Committee for Risk Assessment Wants Lithium Salts to be in Category 1A

A major international chemical maker has warned that new draft proposals labeling some materials as “hazardous” could impact negatively investments in the lead and lithium battery sectors in Europe. The European Union (ECA Committee) was forewarned by lithium and battery manufacturers that a proposal to label the metal as hazardous may seriously harm Europe’s expanding […]

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Meta Materials and Coulometrics Join Hands to Develop Next-Generation Batteries

Canada-based smart materials developer, Meta Materials has recently announced collaboration with lithium-ion battery material development company, Coulometrics. Through this partnership, Meta Materials will independently assess its platform technologies for battery applications and make it more powerful next-generation batteries.   President & CEO of Meta Materials, George Palikaras stated, “With the recent strategic acquisitions of Plasma App […]

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Offgrid Energy Labs Unveils ZincGel Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles in India

IIT Kanpur backed Offgrid Energy Labs has announced the launch of innovative ZincGel Battery Technology to strengthen India’s EV battery swapping segment with its sustainable batteries. The start-up will be targeting mobility partners to bring forth solutions for fleets operating low-powered electric vehicles like two-wheelers and three-wheelers. ZincGel Battery Technology, in comparison to lithium-ion and […]

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‘The biggest benefit as a start-up is that we are quick to pivot’

For Gujarat-based Greta Electric and its founder Raj Mehta, 2022 will be the year when the firm makes a decisive move in its mission. With the launch of 4 electric scooter models late last year, the firm is now seeking to expand its footprint more widely outside its home state. Priced between Rs 60,000 to […]

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Toyota’s New e-SUV Comes Equipped with Toshiba’s LTO Battery Tech

The Toyota bZ4X has made its European debut as a production-ready vehicle and will hit European roads in 2022. A battery electric compact crossover SUV, Toyota’s new e-car equips itself with a 20Ah-HP SCiB li-ion battery, which uses Lithium titanium oxide (LTO) chemistry and is produced by Japanese brand Toshiba. Toshiba’s battery comes with an extended care […]

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