Offgrid Energy Labs Unveils ZincGel Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles in India

Highlights :

  • The ZincGel batteries are non-flammable, durable and cost-efficient, fostering the growth of both low-powered mobility and renewable energy globally.
  • Offgrid Energy Labs plans to commercially launch ZincGel products in India by next year.
Offgrid Energy Labs Unveils ZincGel Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles in India

IIT Kanpur backed Offgrid Energy Labs has announced the launch of innovative ZincGel Battery Technology to strengthen India’s EV battery swapping segment with its sustainable batteries. The start-up will be targeting mobility partners to bring forth solutions for fleets operating low-powered electric vehicles like two-wheelers and three-wheelers. ZincGel Battery Technology, in comparison to lithium-ion and lead-acid material batteries, are non-flammable and reduce the damaging impact on the environment.

Offgrid Energy Labs plans to commercially launch ZincGel products in India by next year. The company says that ZincGel Battery Technology is an efficient alternative to the costly imported batteries that are currently available in India and it will balance the performance and pricing of batteries with the introduction of zinc-based non-toxic materials.

It also maintains that ZincGel Battery will address most of the issues faced by Li-Ion batteries especially in the battery swapping sector.

Offgrid Energy Labs works on a partnership model that leverages the eco-system while the company will primarily focus on technology innovations within ZincGel Battery for different applications. It has already established partnerships with players such as Shell in the segment.

Offgrid Team

Offgrid Energy Labs holds that ZincGel Battery Technology is non-flammable and has energy efficiency at par with lithium-ion batteries but with twice the lifecycle and negligible operational cost, which can lead to large savings for two-wheeler EV operators. ZincGel Battery can handle performance and thermal stress, there is ease of manufacturing and is made from recyclable materials.

Rishi Srivastava, Co-founder, Offgrid Energy Labs, says, “The demand for batteries is set to skyrocket soon not just in India, but across the globe. What differentiates ZincGel technology is innovative chemistry, design and democratized materials. We look forward to announcing further strategic pilots that solve vexing problems in the energy storage space. For electric 3 Wheelers ZincGel will offer at least three times the life so that operators reduce the frequency of battery replacement.”

Siddharth Mehta, Principal Shell Ventures, informs, “Offgrid Energy Labs is engaging in this new energy storage ecosystem by inventing ZincGel Battery that is meticulously designed to decarbonize and face the larger challenges which are being faced by several incumbents within the energy storage market. Enabling energy transition globally, ZincGel batteries are sustainable and democratizes materials that are recyclable and non- flammable. That is where we feel Offgrid Energy Lab’s ZincGel based technology will make a significant contribution.”

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