Greece’s Mytilineos Acquires 1.48 GW Solar Portfolio, 21 Battery Storage Projects

Greece-based industrial conglomerate – Mytilineos has announced it has completed the acquisition of a portfolio of 20 solar farms in progress with a total capacity of 1.48 GW, owned by Egnatia Group, as part of its strategic planning for a significant expansion in Renewable Energy Sources (RES), both in Greece and abroad. The entire portfolio […]

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200 MW Solar Project ‘Largest in West Africa’ to Come up in Nigeria

B&S Power and Sunnyfred Global to design, develop, finance and construct West Africa’s largest solar PV project in Nigeria. B&S Power, a Singapore based renewable energy corporation, and Sunnyfred Global, a Nigerian investment entity, have concluded arrangements in collaboration with other stakeholders and Technical Partners, to Design, Develop, Finance and Construct West Africa’s largest solar […]

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Canadian Solar Closes Japan Green Infrastructure Fund at $208 Mn

Canadian Solar has announced the successful close of the Japan Green Infrastructure Fund securing USD 208 million of committed capital Canadian Solar has announced the successful close of the Japan Green Infrastructure Fund (JGIF). Canadian Solar will partner with Macquarie Advisory & Capital Solutions (Macquarie), the advisory and capital markets arm of the Macquarie Group. Macquarie […]

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Longroad Picks up 900 MW Solar Plus 1-2 GWh Storage Portfolio From First Solar

Longroad Energy will acquire Sun Streams 2, 4, and 5, worth 900 MW dc plus the potential for 1-2 GWh of storage projects from First Solar Longroad Energy, a US-based renewable energy developer, owner, and operator has announced the signing of the acquisition of Sun Streams 2, 4, and 5, which total approximately 900 MWdc in […]

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Lightsource bp Acquires 845 MW Solar Portfolio in Spain

Lightsource bp has announced the acquisition of an 845 MW solar portfolio in Spain from Iberia Solar Lightsource bp, a global leader in the development and management of solar energy projects, has announced the acquisition of an 845 megawatt (MW) solar portfolio in Spain from Iberia Solar, a local solar developer and part of the […]

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New Technology from PNU Makes Foldable Solar Cells a Practical Reality

With the recent development of foldable mobile phone screens, research on foldable electronics has never been so intensive. One particularly useful application of foldable technology is in solar panels. Current solar cells are restricted to rigid, flat panels, which are difficult to store in large numbers and integrate into everyday appliances, including phones, windows, vehicles, […]

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Sunnova Expands its Solar and Storage Services to Washington, D.C.

Sunnova Energy International Inc., one of the leading U.S. residential solar and storage service providers, announced today it will begin offering its services to the District of Columbia. Homeowners in D.C. will now have access to all of Sunnova’s loan products, including the flagship solar-only system, Sunnova SunSafe® solar + battery storage service, and +SunSafe® add-on battery service. […]

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Solarise Africa Expands PV Footprint in Africa

Innovative renewable energy leasing solutions now operational in Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia through new partnership Pan-African energy leasing company, Solarise Africa, has announced their expansion into three new countries in Africa after signing a partnership agreement with Centennial Generating Co, a leading turnkey energy services company in the region. The partnership adds seven projects in […]

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Perovskites Poised to Disrupt Solar Supply Chains Everywhere: Rethink Tech

Perovskite seems to have been with us for a decade and so far it has not changed anyone’s life, changed the price of solar, or eaten into any company’s profit. And according to a new report, it’s about to. The report finds that Perovskite solar will invade conventional solar in 3 distinct ways, beginning in […]

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