International Solar Allaince

Global Solar Capacity Can Touch 75,000 GW by 2050 With Energy Storage: ISA

A latest report from the International Solar Alliance (ISA) and Long-Distance Energy Storage (LDES) Council projects a target of 75,000 gigawatts (GW) of solar capacity by 2050. Their target is to provide long-term energy storage to fully realize the potential of these solar installations for complete decarbonization. LDES is estimated to become a $4 trillion […]

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Global Solar Investments Increased By 2% In Last 8 Years: Report

A latest report by the International Solar Alliance (ISA) stated that global investment in solar increased by an average of around 2 percent over the last eight years. It added that, on the contrary, fossil fuels are still receiving a major share at nearly a trillion dollars annually.  The report put the investment in the global energy sector […]

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Programme Specialist LAC

The Programme Specialist will report to the Chief of Unit, Programme and Projects Implementation, and be responsible for the identification of strategic programme and project implementation opportunities for ISA in this sector. S/he will support partnership building, the preparation of funding proposals, and organize and participate in meetings and workshops, and provide support to the […]

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India to Extend $100 mn Aid to Benin to Meet Sustainable Development Goals

India has offered financial assistance of USD 100 million to Benin with an aim to help the West African country meet its Sustainable Development Goals. India has offered concessional financial assistance of USD 100 million to Benin with an aim to help the West African country meet its Sustainable Development Goals. President Ram Nath Kovind is currently on the […]

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German Ambassador to India calls for Expansion of ISA

The ambassador also said that Germany has already applied to be a member of the ISA, in line with India’s desire to have Germany on board. Pushing for international collaboration in the solar energy space, the German ambassador to India Martin Ney has called for the expansion of India-driven International Solar Alliance. Speaking to reporter […]

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ISA Logo Transferred to Its Secretariat in Gurgaon

Under the EU technical assistant project the logo was designed for Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE). The developer and the designer of the logo are Andrzej Uwitniewski and Marek Zaborowski. The rights of an International Solar Alliance (ISA) logo have been transferred by the European Union (EU) to ISA Secretariat situated in Gurgaon. […]

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Viz-A-Viz with Philippe Montarnal, Second Counsellor | French Embassy in India Head CEA office in India

Q. What are the new trends which are shaping the Solar Energy market specifically to Indian scenario? The current Indian Govt. has a strong nudge towards Solar Energy. The Government has proposed many new initiatives to woo the tech corridors? What are your comments to it? India’s renewable energy sector is booming. After his election […]

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India Invites Azerbaijan to Join International Solar Alliance

Although Azerbaijan is not located between the two tropics but the country has large amount of sunlight for major part of the year. India has invited Azerbaijan to join International Solar Alliance (ISA) as a partner company, a common platform for cooperation among sun-rich countries lying fully or partially between the Tropics of Cancer and […]

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International Solar Alliance, India’s Brainchild is Powerful Catalyst

The alliance will provide these nations a voice and act as a platform to share experiences and narrow technological gaps through cooperation and increased engagement between Governments, businesses and the citizenry. On March 11, the heads of around 40 countries came in India for the first official summit of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), a […]

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