Indonesia Mulls Over Six-Month Plan to Accelerate Pvt Investment in RE

Indonesia is now bullish on a national plan with regards to renewable energy. The country is looking to accomplish the plan in six months manifesting investments that will expedite the country’s transition to renewable energy from fossil fuel-based power supply. As per reports, the new plan is part of the $20 billion Just Energy Transition […]

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Indonesia Inks JETP Deal for $20 Billion Investment in Renewables at G-20

At the mega meet of the G-20 countries in Bali, host Indonesia has inked deals with major countries and international institutions to attract some $20 billion to help the Southeast Asian country increase the use of renewable energy and reduce reliance on coal. The agreement is called ‘Just Energy Transition Partnership,’ or JETP that will […]

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Sun Cable, Indonesian Govt Sign MoU To Unlock $150 Billion In Renewable Potential

Australian solar and storage developer Sun Cable, which has been in the limelight for its massive plans to export renewable power generated in Australia to Singapore through a trans ocean power line, has entered into an MoU with the Indonesian government now, to unlock more than $150 billion in green industry growth in the archipelago. […]

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Dramatic Solar Capacity Rise Across Asia; India’s Sprint Towards 2030 Goal

As per US electricity think tank Ember, solar power is expected to experience exponential growth across five of Asia’s biggest economies, positioning the region to become a global hub of solar power. Ember made the revelation after an analysis of existing national power sector development plans across China, Japan, Indonesia, India and the Philippines. Findings […]

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A Simple Solar Light Is Life Changing In This Indonesian Village

Solar is more than just light. In a recent article on its website, IRENA has highlighted just how much. The article highlights the example of homemaker Konda Ngguna living in a small village in Laindeha, Sumba Island, Indonesia. Till a few years back, there used to be a total  blackout in the Laindeha village after […]

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Construction of World’s Largest Green Industrial Park Kicks off in Indonesia

Indonesia has begun the construction of what is being hailed as the world’s largest green industrial park in Bulungan district on the country’s second-largest island of Kalimantan. “We hope that this will be the largest green industrial park in the world, not only in North Kalimantan, not only in Indonesia, but in the world,” Indonesian […]

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Projects to Create Green Grid, CCS Hubs Across ASEAN, Australia

National authorities and companies across Southeast Asia and Australia are seeking ways to pool renewable energy resources and form a green power grid in the region, according to media reports. Below are some of the projects engaged in developing this green grid that have been announced: ASEAN Members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations […]

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Indonesia Ramping Up Solar Capacity to Meet 18 GW Target For 2025: Report

Indonesia is considering how to reduce its growing greenhouse gas emissions. A moratorium on new coal power plants bodes well for growth of solar power in Indonesia. Yet harnessing solar power requires government action such as improving transparency around power purchase agreements and revising long- term power plans. A new report, jointly produced by BloombergNEF, […]

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Indonesia to Build Solar Projects on Erstwhile Mine Sites

Indonesian coal miner PT Bukit Asam plans to build three solar power projects on former mine sites as part of its expansion into renewable energy, the company’s chief executive Suryo has been quoted as saying in media reports. State-controlled Bukit Asam has reserved land in West Sumatra, South Sumatra and East Kalimantan provinces, with the […]

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