Amazon On Course To Meet RE Goal Seven Years Before Schedule

Highlights :

  • By achieving its 100% renewable energy goal, Amazon has made it possible for hundreds of new solar and wind projects to be constructed, bringing new sources of clean energy to grids and communities around the world
Amazon On Course To Meet RE Goal Seven Years Before Schedule Amazon Expected To Meet RE Goal Seven Years Early

Amazon has invested in 50 wind and solar projects in India to date. It claims to be one of the first corporations to enable utility-scale renewable energy projects in India, Greece, South Africa, Japan, and Indonesia, among other countries.

In 2019, the company set the goal to match all of the electricity consumed across Amazon’s global operations. It included data centers, corporate buildings, grocery stores, and fulfillment centers – with 100% renewable energy by 2030. The company recently met the goal of meeting this demand from renewable energy seven years ahead of schedule. Besides this, the global ecom leader also claims to have put 24,000 EVs on the road globally. 

The company said, “To get there, we’ve become the largest corporate purchaser of renewable energy in the world for four years running, according to Bloomberg NEF, and have invested billions of dollars in more than 500 solar and wind projects globally.”

Amazon said, “While we’ll continue investing heavily to add substantial amounts of renewable energy to our portfolio, we’re also exploring new carbon-free energy sources that can complement renewables and balance our needs. We’ve known from the start that our path to net zero would have many obstacles and need to be adjusted for changes to both our business and the world. Nevertheless, as with all of our long-term goals, we remain optimistic and focused on achieving them.”

“Our teams will remain ambitious, and continue to do what is right for our business, our customers, and the planet. That’s why we’ll continue investing in solar and wind projects, while also supporting other forms of carbon-free energy, like nuclear, battery storage, and emerging technologies that can help power our operations for decades to come,” she adds.


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