Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Uneecops Technologies Set to Establish First Green Hydrogen Microgrid of 25Kw in Leh

Delhi-based green hydrogen and solar developer firm, Uneecops Technologies Ltd is set to establish the first green hydrogen microgrid project in the Leh region for a hydropower firm based in India. Uneecops will aid in the engineering, procurement & construction (EPC) for setting up a green hydrogen-based fuel cell microgrid of 25kW for the hydro-power […]

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Honda’s Zero Emission Stationary Fuel Cell Backing Up Power to Data Center

Honda has announced that it has begun the operation of a stationary fuel cell power station – leveraging Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell technology expertise – on its corporate campus in Torrance, California on March 6, 2023. This would mark the beginning of the company’s future commercialization of zero-emission backup power generation. The initiative is a […]

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Microsoft Announces Success Of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Trial At New York Datacenter

Microsoft has announced that it has found a cleaner alternative to the diesel-powered backup generators for its data centres: hydrogen fuel cells. The software giant wants to become a zero-emission entity by 2030. Microsoft has revealed that it has executed a hydrogen fuel cell trial successfully at its server farm campus in Latham, New York. […]

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Utah-Based Power Innovations sets new Hydrogen Fuel Cells Record

Utah-based Power Innovations has successfully completed a landmark 48-hour test with Hydrogen Fuel Cells, doubling the previous record of 24 hours Utah-based energy solutions provider Power Innovations has announced that it has successfully completed a landmark 48-hour test with Hydrogen Fuel Cells. In the test, which set a new Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HFC) record, the firm powered a full […]

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