Huanghe Hydropower Development.

BENY Emerges From the Shadows To Power 7 GW Solar Project with 1500V DC T& D Solution

China-based BENY, which has been making big strides in the energy transition space with its power electronics has added a major feather in its cap with the stable performance of the world’s largest 7 GW solar PV power station in Qinghai Province’s upper reaches of the Yellow River. A prestigious project where China National Energy Investment […]

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Arctech Solar Trackers Lead Among Those Used At 3.2GW Solar Park in China

Arctech Solar has delivered its advanced 1P tracker SkyLine to a 3.2GW solar park, declared on 11th December 2020. The park, now the world’s largest solar plant located in Qinghai, China was connected to the grid  last month. Arctech has been a focused player in the solar tracker space, which has expanded its offerings to […]

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