Arctech Solar Trackers Lead Among Those Used At 3.2GW Solar Park in China

Arctech Solar Trackers Lead Among Those Used At  3.2GW Solar Park in China

Arctech Solar has delivered its advanced 1P tracker SkyLine to a 3.2GW solar park, declared on 11th December 2020. The park, now the world’s largest solar plant located in Qinghai, China was connected to the grid  last month. Arctech has been a focused player in the solar tracker space, which has expanded its offerings to the BIPV (Building integrated solar PV) in recent years.

Qinghai, located in North west China, is a massive province located on the Tibetan Plateau. It’s dry, cold environment was considered ideal for solar parks, though transmission was a real challenge. Drop in solar prices means that ever lager solar installations are a real possibility there.

The ultra-high voltage (UHV) power line connected to the 3.2 GW solar park, delivers 100% renewable energy. The plant is located at an altitude of 3,200 meters which requires the solar tracking system to perform on-site with challenging regions and extreme weather.

Arctech provides an approximately 1.3GW SkyLine tracking system which can operate on North/South slopes up to 20 percent. Equipped with the AI Smart Control Box individually developed by Arctech, SkyLine can significantly increase power output by effectively overcoming the shadow effect. Meanwhile, the tracking system provides stable performance under harsh weather conditions due to its structure customized based on wind tunnel data.

“Arctech delivered the first patch of trackers within just one month after the construction layout was finalized. Its on-time delivery and the highly efficient installation and commissioning support ensure that the giant power generation project is connected to the grid on schedule,” said Xue Wenming, Deputy General Manager of Huanghe Hydropower Development, the park operator, commenting on Arctech’s on-time, in-full delivery, and excellent on-site support.


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