Harvard University.

Incheon, Harvard Researchers Improve Fuel Cell Durability With Innovation

Scientists from the Incheon University in South Korea and Harvard University have developed a fatigue-resistant electrolyte membrane with an interpenetrating polymer network, which prolongs the lifespan of fuel cells. In hydrogen fuel cells, electrolyte membranes frequently undergo deformation and develop cracks during operation. The research team from these universities has recently introduced a fatigue-resistant polymer […]

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Start-up Adden Energy Develops EV Battery that Charges in 3 Minutes, Lasts 20 Years

Start-up Adden Energy has innovated a battery for electric cars that promises to achieve full charging in three minutes and also lasts two decades. The start-up announced that it has received the grant of an exclusive technology license by Harvard University’s Office of Technology Development (OTD) and a seed round financing of $5.15 million. Adden […]

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