Grid Stability

The Curious Case of Switching Off Rooftop Solar And Pleading For Power Consumption In South Australia

In the past week, South Australia has seen the apparently curious situation of the national grid operator switching off itself, or asking owners to switch off rooftop solar systems in the state, even while requesting them to increase demand by switching on more appliances and other power hungry equipments. This apparent dichotomy  is easily explained, […]

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Wind, Water, Solar Trio Ensures Grid Stability for US States, Says Stanford Study

Wind-Water and Solar (WWS) ensures grid stability and zero blackouts. A new study conducted by Mark Z. Jacobson and colleagues at Stanford University claimed this, as they analyzed grid stability in over 50 U.S States and District of Columbia. Jacobson is a Professor of civil and environmental engineering at Stanford. The new research, an effort […]

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Storage Emerging As Issue For Europe’s RE Growth

Europe, which has covered a lot of ground in terms of share of renewable energy in the grid, risks losing the advantages that should flow from these investments, says a report by research firm Woodmac. (Wood Mackenzie). Storage as a key driver is an issue we have also flagged earlier, at SaurEnergy in our October […]

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PG&E Gets Approval for Microgrid Proposal from California Commission

The comprehensive and cost-effective microgrid proposals by PG&E, designed to reduce the number of customers affected by PSPS event has been approved. The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has approved the Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) comprehensive and cost-effective microgrid proposals, which are designed to reduce the number of customers affected by Public Safety […]

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