5.2m Solar Kits Sold Globally In 2nd Half Of 2022: ISA Tells SAFDE

The International Solar Alliance (ISA) said that 5.2 million solar kits were sold globally during the first half of 2022, hinting at the industry’s growth worldwide. Ajay Mathur, Director General (DG) of the ISA, furnished the information at the South Asia Forum for Distributed Energy (SAFDE) event held in New Delhi.  “In the past year, […]

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DRE Finds A Footing In India, Powered By Solar

Laxmi Bhuyan is a 58-year-old woman from the Sindiba village in the Gajapati district of Odisha. This tribal village, with swatches of fertile land around the village periphery, bolstered the local farmers to grow different fruits and vegetables around the year. However, the raw fruits often yielded low prices for the producers. On the other […]

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NPO GOGLA Invites Bids For Solar Market Consultants For Study On Solar Lanterns & SHS

The Global Off-Grid Lighting Association (GOGLA) has issued a call for proposals for a solar market expert to do market research on solar household systems and lanterns in India. The consultants will have to conduct a short analysis of Bangladesh’s and Nepal’s distributed renewable energy markets. Offers must be submitted before September 9, 2022. The […]

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87% Solar Manufacturers Expect Increased Prices for Consumers: GOGLA

Netherlands-based GOGLA has conducted a survey of 33 solar equipment manufacturers, primarily SHS Kit manufacturers, to understand the impact of disruptions caused by materials shortages and raised shipping costs on the off-grid solar industry. An unprecedented high demand for electric vehicles and consumer electronics (among others caused by COVID-19) has resulted in manufacturers facing chronic […]

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Development Manager

At GOGLA we’re looking for a Development Manager to join our team. GOGLA is seeking to hire a Development Advisor to build and implement an effective organizational fundraising strategy and manage fundraising efforts and activities. This is foreseen to be a parttime role (40-60%) for an initial period of 6-12 months, with potential for renewal. About […]

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Head of Finance & Operations

GOGLA is seeking to hire a Head of Finance & Operations to improve the organization’s operational management and resource planning structures. The candidate would lead on financial management and reporting, contract and compliance supervision, HR management, IT and office organization, and other operational issues. The off-grid sector has already improved the lives of over 400 […]

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GOGLA Report 2020: ‘Slow, Uneven Recovery of Off-grid Solar Industry’

The recently released July-December 2020 edition of the Global Off-Grid Solar Market Report analyses off-grid solar lighting sales trends during a 6-month period in East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, South Asia, East Asia, and the Pacific, amid the current global pandemic. It finds that the off-grid industry is showing early signs of a slow […]

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Will Solar Powered Refrigeration Come Of Age In Vaccination Push?

The Covid pandemic, and now finally, the vaccination push across the world against the disease has put the spotlight firmly on the role distributed solar products, particularly Solar refrigeration could play. In the African continent, with almost 600 million people off the grid and  many more without access to the kind of exacting cooling requirements […]

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GOGLA Research Paper on Opportunities for Hybrid AC-DC Infrastructure in India

GOGLA has initiated a whitepaper for a deep dive into the relevance of hybrid AC-DC energy infrastructure in India with the objective of providing insights into how energy-efficient appliances can be integrated with the electricity grid. While this is an emerging consumer need and market for the DRE sector, it also ties with the Government of India […]

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