GOGLA Research Paper on Opportunities for Hybrid AC-DC Infrastructure in India

GOGLA has initiated a whitepaper for a deep dive into the relevance of hybrid AC-DC energy infrastructure in India with the objective of providing insights into how energy-efficient appliances can be integrated with the electricity grid. While this is an emerging consumer need and market for the DRE sector, it also ties with the Government of India initiatives and will hopefully lead to innovations and improve market adoption. pManifold executed this first of its kind research.

In the paper, the HAD infrastructure has been analysed in detail from two perspectives: a) Supply-side: power back-up solution side through combining grid, solar and battery storage, and b) Consumption-side: appliance side by enabling appliances to work with both AC and DC supplies. The paper adds that the market is evidently heading towards hybridisation, i.e. integration of AC-DC power supply and appliances that support these systems. However, challenges like high upfront equipment cost, high sales effort, low customer awareness, and lack of standardisation are an acknowledged reality. Yet, these factors should not deter off-grid players from diversifying and offering HAD solutions to customers. The key industry stakeholders like OEMs, Government and Industry Associations will play a vital role in mitigating these challenges and enabling the growth of HAD infrastructure in India.