floating solar power

Trina Solar supplies 17MW to the largest floating PV system in Europe

Trina Solar Limited (“Trina Solar” or the “company”), a leading total solutions provider for solar energy, announced today that it has supplied 17 megawatts of PV modules to the largest floating PV plant in Europe. The “O’MEGA 1” PV project has been developed by Akuo Energy, France’s leading independent producer of renewable energy, under the specific […]

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Maharashtra to Tap Solar Projects on Large Dams

At the Ujani dam, the project will cover 2,000 hectares or less than 1/15th of the total 34,000-hectare area of the reservoir. In order to shift from conventional source of energy to solar energy and to overcome the hurdles in acquiring private land for infrastructure projects, the government of Maharashtra has embarked upon the fleet […]

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Chandigarh gets Floating Solar Power Plant with Dual-axis Tracking Technology

A 10kw peak (kWp) of floating solar power plant pilot- the peak power has been commissioned at Dhanas Lake amid efforts by the government to flourish Chandigarh as a solar city. The Peak Power floating solar plant has been engineered to supply power to fountains at the lake for aeration. The USP of the plant […]

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