EV market

IEA Report on Bridging Gap B/w Demand & Supply Of EV Batteries’ Metal

IEA has published a report on the global EV market. In this report, IEA has highlighted how the EV market is growing around the globe. As per the report, electric vehicle sales around the globe are rising and breaking all the previous sales records. On the other hand, the EV charging infrastructure is not growing […]

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IRENA Presents China 13-point Lay Out to Achieve Carbon Neutrality Through RE

Intergovernmental organization International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has shared with China a 13-point plan to help achieve the climate change commitments. As part of its strategic partnership, the report laid out the route and speed to China aiming for its carbon emissions to peak before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. “China is the world’s […]

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Growing Prices Will Have No Effect On EV Adoption

In this conversation with SaurEnergy, Anand Kabra, Vice-Chairman and MD of Kabra ExtrusionTechnik Limited, whose EV vehicles and storage division, Battrixx, has grown at a staggering rate in FY ’22, talks about the firm’s plans and market in India. Battrixx, founded in 2018, is a division of Kabra Extrusion Technik Ltd, which belongs to the […]

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MatterEnergy 1.0, An Active liquid-cooled 2 Wheeler EV battery Pack Debuts

Even as Battery safety is in the limelight thanks to recent incidents, Matter, the Ahmedabad-based technology start-up, has unveiled its MatterEnergy 1.0 battery pack. The firm claims that this first ever battery pack of its type in India comes with unique core characteristics such as an Integrated Intelligent Thermal Management System and a Super Smart […]

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When Will The Impact Of Chip Shortages On EV’s End In India?

Semiconductor Chip shortages has become a trouble spot for EV growth in India. A fear that Chip shortages will lead to EV decline in India persists. This come amidst the rising need of the microprocessors with the rise in EV sales in Indian market. Marking 42,067 units, the sales crossed the 40,000 mark in a […]

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Amara Raja To Invest €10 million In EV Battery Specialist Inobat Auto

India’s second largest battery maker, Amara Raja Batteries is investing €10 million in InoBat Auto, a Norway based firm focused on research and development in the field of batteries for electric vehicles and production of lithium-ion battery cells as well as tailored and customs cells. The investment will be in the form of a subscription […]

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Joe Biden Sets About Correcting Trump Largesse For ICE Auto Firms

US President Joe Biden’s recent order aimed at making half of all new vehicles sold in the US in 2030 electric is expected to make a dent in the country’s consumption and emission levels, even though it’s a non-binding deal with the country’s biggest automakers. The administration has also proposed new vehicle emissions standards that […]

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