Gujarat Leads With 379 MW Additions In Wind Energy In Jul-Sep

After solar energy, wind energy holds the major share in the global renewable energy segment. Let’s have a look at the wind energy Installations of India in September 2022 and compare it with the previous month/year’s generation.  September -2022 vs August 2022 In September 2022, India added 461.4 MW of Wind energy. Comparing it with […]

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India Crossed 11 GW of Solar Installations in First Six Months of FY 22-23

The renewable energy capacity data for September is out. Let’s have a look at how much solar capacity India created in September and compare it with data from 2021 and the same months from 2022. Year 2022 Month Name Solar Energy Wind Energy Others Jan-22 956.87 18.23 0.5 Feb-22 474.19 28.85 17.46 Mar-22 3218.77 227.8 […]

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India Added 9.9 GW of Solar Installation in First Eight Months of CY-22

India increased its solar PV capacity by over 9.9 GW in the first 8 months of CY-22. In comparison to the same period of last year, it’s a 22.2% y-o-y growth. In the first 8 months of CY-21, India added 8147.27 MW. In August -22, India added 1328.92 MW of solar. In comparison to the […]

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