SolarManufacturer CubicPV to Build 10 GW Silicon Solar Wafer Facility in USA

American solar manufacturer CubicPV has announced that it has planned to establish 10 GW of conventional mono wafer capacity in the United States. The objective of the firm is to fill a marked void in the silicon solar value chain and capitalise on its expertise in silicon wafer production. The planned factory will be the […]

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1366 Tech & Hunt Perovskite Tech Announce Merger to Form CubicPV

Massachusetts-headquartered silicon wafer maker 1366 Technologies, Inc. and Dallas-based solar technology company Hunt Perovskite Technologies, L.L.C (HPT) announced yesterday that they have merged their businesses to form a new company called CubicPV — a name that evokes the shared cubic crystal structure of both silicon and perovskite. The merger combines two disruptive technologies – 1366’s Direct […]

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