Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill 2022: Roadmap To India’s Climate Targets

The government has recently introduced the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill in the Lok Sabha. The Bill looks to propel India forward to help achieve its climate change targets. The Bill aims to steer the country in the direction of low-carbon development and has charted a course to achieve the goal by placing an emphasis on […]

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India Needs $223 Billion To Meet 500 GW RE Target By 2030

As per the findings revealed in a new report by BloombergNEF (BNEF) in a seminar in New Delhi on June 22, India will need $223 billion of investment to meet the target of wind and solar capacity installations up to 500GW by 2030. A Look At The Numbers In a telling trend, the country has […]

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Report Calls Upon Discoms To Put In Place Consumer Centric DR Strategy

Alliance for an Energy-Efficient Economy (AEEE) and AutoGrid released on June 2 a report highlighting the wide range of possibilities offered by Demand Response (DR) that can effectively help electricity distribution companies (DISCOMs) handle their increasing future electricity demand while still operating reliably towards a greener grid. Titled Roadmap for Demand Flexibility in India, the […]

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India At 75 And Beyond. Solar’s Starring Role

India’s Climate Pledges Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge at the COP26 Climate Summit at Glasgow, not only laid down the roadmap for India to scale up contribution of renewable energy in the overall energy blend, it also set the ball rolling for exploring a new industrial model. India, which is the third largest emitter of […]

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After COP26, Germany Steps Up, Promises Euro 1.2 billion For Climate Fight To India

After the disappointment that was the COP26 conference where developed countries did their best to avoid taking serious measures and push developing countries to do more, Germany has started some mitigation of its own. On Wednesday, Europe’s largest economy and powerhouse announced new development commitments of over Euro 1.3 billion (approx Rs 10,025 crore) to […]

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Chile to Double its Energy Storage Capacity Together with AES

In line with the objective of achieving carbon neutrality, Chile and AES have joined forces to accelerate the country’s energy transition by increasing their battery-based energy storage capacity, Santiago-based AES Andes announced recently. Within the framework of the company’s participation in the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference – known as COP26 – which takes […]

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Modi’s Enhanced Renewable Targets A Credit To Minister R.K. Singh

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi committed 500 GW of fresh renewable capacity for India by 2030 at COP26, it was not just a commitment for India contributing its mite to the climate change effort. It was also an acknowledgement of the progress the country has made in reaching its 100 GW renewables milestone, and the […]

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Global Alliance Launches at COP26 to Boost RE in Developing Economies

The new Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP) will be launched today at COP26 to accelerate investment in green energy transitions and renewable power solutions in developing and emerging economies worldwide. Over the next decade, the Alliance aims to unlock USD100 billion in public and private capital and tackle three problems: (1) POWER […]

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Beyond Net Zero at 2070. PM Modi Makes Key Promises For India At COP26

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his speech at the COP26 Glasgow on November 1, did make a concession to activists demanding a net zero target from India. 2070. If that seems underwhelming (China has a commitment of net zero by 2060), then you might miss the really important part of his promises. The 500 GW […]

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