Charge Zone

Pulse Energy Partners With ChargeZone, Other Charging Networks For Expanding EV Charging

Electric Vehicle charger aggregator, Pulse Energy has announced its partnership with ChargeZone and 20+ charging networks across India. The company said that the partnership is aimed at offering a unified EV charging experience to EV users and fleets. According to a press statement by the company, fleet operators can now partner with Pulse Energy directly […]

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Charge Zone & MG Motor Partner to Boost EV Charging Network Across India

Automotive firm MG Motor India has joined hands with Charge Zone aiming at the expansion of EV charging network across India. Under the partnership forged by the two firms to set up EV charging network, Charge Zone and MG Motor will set up charging stations across prime locations on highways, cities as well as MG […]

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Courtyard by Marriott Madurai Installs Fast EV Charging Station

The hotel industry has begun to recognize the significance of going green. In the recent past, several of them have taken measures such as establishing EV charging stations with the goal of enabling electric mobility- Novotel Hyderabad Airport, Le Roi Hotels to name a few. The most recent one to step onto the bandwagon is […]

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Three EV Infra Players & Mahindra Collaborate on Charging Solutions

Mahindra & Mahindra announced that it has partnered with Jio-bp, Statiq, and Charge+Zone (Three EV Infrastructure Players) to provide charging options for its next lineup of passenger electric vehicles. The Mumbai-based automaker said in a statement that thanks to these agreements, Mahindra EV users would have seamless access to a reliable fast-charging infrastructure and e-mobility […]

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The Top 5: Largest EV Charging Station Companies In India

The Indian EV charging station market is highly fragmented as several private and public entities are setting up charging infrastructure in various locations across India. Different types of EV chargers are available in the Indian market comprising Type 1, Type 2, AC and DC, unidirectional and bidirectional charging catering to e4W (electric 4-wheeler), e3W (electric […]

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Charge Zone Debuts Renewable Energy To Power EV Charging Stations

Charge Zone, a Gujarat-based provider of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, unveiled its ambitions to use renewable energy to power its high-speed charging network for electric buses and commercial cars across India. As per the company, its goal behind this motive is to achieve Net-Zero and to give clients more sustainable charging options across India. As […]

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